Scott M.

I couldn't be happier with my son's goalie mask. He had some ideas which JT Airbrush Art made into reality. Awesome work and great guidance and ideas. First rate service and work. My son's next mask will be in his hands.

We went to Jeff at JT Airbrush Art and Design with a few ideas. Jeff turned it into a story that flowed. His attention to detail and how much time he dedicates with the client is incredible. He completely understood what my son wanted and during the process he kept updating us with pictures. His prices are extremely reasonable and quality is top notch. Jeff will be painting another mask for my son soon. He knows goalie masks and understands the way they wear and the areas that get damaged. Jeremy is a goalie in the USPHL where he uses his mask six days a week and sees a lot of shots during games and practices. His mask has been hit by pucks and sticks in the crease and it still looks like new. I recommend Jeff at JT Airbrush Art and Design to any goalie looking to make something unique and great out of his mask.

Carl M

What compliments can be said of my favorite artist Jeff that hasn’t been said before? The man is an exceptional talent and I’ve been fortunate to be graced with not one or two but 3 of his art work mastery. I was looking for air brush work to have a skull pinstriped on to my 2015 Pilot. Jeff created an original skull for me with ideas we brain stormed and I was beyond satisfied on what he showed me on a sketch book. The final product was breath taking. Jeff used classic paints to create it. I couldn’t tell you the countless times I get complimented on it and people think it’s a fathead, or sticker and can’t believe it’s actual art. So many people take pics on their phones of my skull. My fortune was twice fold because in speaking with Jeff about creating my skull I learned he’s a pin-stripper as well. If you’re familiar with Pilots, they are all solid colors and none have pinstripes on them. Jeff also did the pinstripe on my Pilot with a unique green and it just pops with the contrast of the black of my car. I was so ecstatic with the work and thought I was done but I came back a few months down the road to have some additional art work on the opposite side of my truck. I had a portrait of my Lab created and this time Jeff used his air brushing technique. It’s so life like and beautiful. One would be lucky to demonstrate one of Jeff’s skills I have 3 forms of his talent demonstrated on my vehicle. Though I described and informed you of my satisfaction I have for Jeff’s brilliance. I didn’t need to for the pictures he created for me said 1000 words and his art speaks for itself….

Pat S.

I went to JT Airbrush with an idea for some art work on my engine cover. He turned it into My Dream Vision! Incredibly Well Done, in a Professional and Timely manner. Thank you JT Airbrush!

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